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Offside lino!?

This week has seen a tipping point for VAR in this country. The idea of clear and obvious seems to have been kicked to the kerb with VAR officials actively searching for ways to disallow goals. The general consensus seems to be a push towards just using VAR for offsides. Indeed this week saw the…

Bluffers, Blaggers and Egos – my guide to how to spot a bad youth coach

I have been so busy promoting and writing my book ‘Losing my Spurs – Gazza, the Grief and the Glory’ that I haven’t had time to write any blogs. To be honest there hasn’t been anything that has really caught my eye enough to write about. Then a friend was speaking to me about his…


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Hi, I’m Anthony. I am a teacher and have been for 20 years now- starting in 2000. I currently am living and teaching in China, which I love, with my wife Sonya. But this blog is going to mainly be about my life long passion of football, education and my new journey as an author!

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The sequel to best seller Eye on the Ball continues where the story left off. Liam Osborne and Clifton Rangers are now back in the soon to be Premier League. Can Liam continue his rapid rise to success? There are plenty more twists and surprises as he fights to take his dream to the next level.

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